Training on the job

Training on the job

Many experienced trainers consider training on the job like a little brother of coaching. While mostly being in close proximity to the Trainee / Coachee the Trainer observes and analyses his behaviour and competences in real life business. Main focus is commonly the preferebly imminent support in regards of adapting more successful strategies and techniques and increasing the coachees success (e.g. to be more efficient, experience less stress, asf.) Contrary to classical coaching the work related experience of a coach is essential as the given feedback includes directly business related knowledge and practices.

Furthermore contractual experiences have shown that this form of development support is mainly booked by the employer rather than the employee.

Main areas of business are insidesales, customer retention or any customer interaction within hospitality and service industry. (Hotlines, Bookings, asf.)

Additional Services:
Businesscoaching, Group based trainings, Supervision

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Häufigste Berufsbereiche sind der Vertrieb im Insidesales, Kundenbindung im Hotelgewerbe oder jegliche Kundeninteraktion im Servicebereich (Hotlines, Buchungen, etc.).