Here you will find a brief summary of the services and fields of expertise provided by me. All offers can be (mostly should and will be) integrated into your personal development plan. Which of these measures fits you best, will be explored during your free Analysis.

Forms of Training:

Which form of training matches your needs?

Business Coaching


As business coaching can be defined a single or series of goal oriented and structured conversations. Where as one conversational partner (Coach) poses questions and possibly leads through a carefully selected number of practices, the other conversational partner (Coachee) benefits from these questions and practices by gaining a deeper understanding of his motives and current situation. The goal is predefined prior to the coaching process and undergoes a constant „reality check“ while proceeding in the reflectory progress.

Depth and actual topic of each coaching is case dependent and highly individul as situational. As the coach mainly serves to assist the reflecting process oft he coachee, his knowledge of the particular business ennvironment is considered to be of marginal importance.

Group based trainings

As group based training can be defined all measures with more than 3 participants working together on achieving a shared goal. Applied methods include classic and innovative approaches like EBL (Experience based learning, Inner Game (Timothy Gallway) or modern story telling. Individual Setups are based upon the agreed goal, level of experience, time frame and group consistency. In combination with role  based interactions this approach has proven succesful in improving all fields of behaviour based competence.



Occassionally referred to as the big brother of the training on the job. In the  Supervision a well trained and experienced Coach observes and delivers Feedback on an interaction. Especially in sensitive areas of leadership supervision has proven itself to be effective.

Used for staff appraisals for example interpersonal dynamics and real life behaviour patterns can be recognized and later on improved and adapted. The provided Feedback, given by an impartial coach serves the development of individual leadership competencies. Particularly people in high profile positions, such as executives and directors, benefit from this approach as it caters to expand already existing qualities and competencies and thus supports them to aspire to the best version of themselves.

Training on the job

Many experienced trainers consider training on the job like a little brother of coaching. While mostly being in close proximity to the Trainee / Coachee the Trainer observes and analyses his behaviour and competences in real life business. Main focus is commonly the preferebly imminent support in regards of adapting more successful strategies and techniques and increasing the coachees success (e.g. to be more efficient, experience less stress, asf.) Contrary to classical coaching the work related experience of a coach is essential as the given feedback includes directly business related knowledge and practices.

Furthermore contractual experiences have shown that this form of development support is mainly booked by the employer rather than the employee.

Main areas of business are insidesales, customer retention or any customer interaction within hospitality and service industry. (Hotlines, Bookings, asf.)

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